Men Hairstyles 2014

Yes, I am the man! Today’s topic is about men’s hairstyles for 2013-2014 season, which will be stylish and trendy. If you do care much about your appearance, then this post is meant just for you. Depending on your hair length you will find an appropriate style for your face shape and hair texture. So, let’s get inspired.

The next season’s hairstyles are inspired by the 1950’s and 1960’s years and come with rock and roll vibes. That’s why many men get some tips from Elvis Presley images. If your tresses are wavy or curly, then why don’t you try hairstyle which comes with curly hair
2014 Men Hairstyles Men Hairstyles 2014
2014 Men Hairstyles 1 Men Hairstyles 2014
I personally like the rhino horn hairstyle, it’s retro and rockfish inspired and it’s perfect for visiting club.

2014+Men+Hairstyles+2 Men Hairstyles 2014
2014+Men+Hairstyles+3 Men Hairstyles 2014

I have some good news for you, as messy and layered hairstyles are still on trend. I like it for simple style and untidy look. The same goes to men’s short crops, as it’s stylish and edgy.

2014+Men+Hairstyles+4 Men Hairstyles 2014
2014+Men+Hairstyles+5 Men Hairstyles 2014

For some of you spiky hairstyle will be a real treasury, as it looks chic and so must have.

2014+Men+Hairstyles+6 Men Hairstyles 2014

If you are above thirty, then the best choice for you will be combed hairstyle, as it’s trendy and graceful and simple. If you have long tresses and want something fresh, then why don’t you layer and combed it on the backside, for a trendy look.

pixel Men Hairstyles 2014

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