Best Bob Hairstyles 2014

This season quite a lot of hairstyles will be in fashion, yet I’d like to speak about bob hairstyles for 2013-2014 season. These haircuts are particularly trendy this year, as they come with bangs, curls etc. Here below I’d like to share with you some bright ideas that will be in fashion all season long.

Best Bob Hairstyles

Best Bob Hairstyles 2014

Split Blunt End Bob. This style comes with parted bob expression with blunt endings and fringes in the front blunt, I advice you to try some long heavy earrings with this style.
Best Bob Hairstyles
Graduated Bob is my favorite one, as it looks elegant and stylish at the same time; you can wear it at school, high school and at the office.
Bob Hairstyles 2014
If you have long and sharp face then you should try Curly Short Cropped Bob.
Best Bob Hairstyles 2014
This 2013-2014 season the most trendiest style is Side Swept Large curly Bob. This style features large curly bob with big end curls (swept to the sides)
2014 Best Bob Hairstyles
Bob styles are very elegant, yet if you want to choose the right one, then you should select it by the shape of your face to get the best results.

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